Bullying and Friendship

After watching “The BULLY movie” on a field trip our class has been really involved with this topic. In class we’ve learned how bullying relates to friendship and the causes of bullying.  My thinking on friendship and bullying has changed since I didn’t realize they related so much before we talked and did activities on this topic. In the movie the victim of bullying Alex Libby clearly asks his mother “If those people aren’t my friends. Then what friends do I have?” I found that what he said made me think. People choose not to befriend a victim since they don’t want themselves to be harmed. Even if the bullying doesn’t stop right away, it will hopefully stop.

Blogging Challenge #4

Challenge #4

I couldn’t just pick one image to post, so I am going to talk about my love of singing and basketball. I love singing! I am performing the Disney Song Reflection from Mulan at the kiwanis festival. This song was originally performed by Lea Salonga and Christina Aguilara.


I love playing basketball with my dad and going to the Toronto Raptors games with him and my mom. Sometimes we watch basketball on tv but its way more interesting in real life. If you evergo to the air canada centre go to “Sweet Wallys” for “Funnel Cake Fries”. You can pile a bunch of sweets on top, and it’s decently priced.


Blogging Challenge #3

Challenge #3

10. Make a cat toy. Fill the bottom of the sock with catnip then tie the other end in knot. Your cat will love this!

9. Make a sock puppet.

8. Make a hat or little booties for you cat or dog.

7.Sock bun

6. Change purse (cut top part of sock off and sew a zipper on)

5. Make a slingshot

4. Wear mismatched socks (apparently they are in style)

3. Pretend to be a unicorn. Use a party hat then put the sock over top.

2. Make a Micheal Jackson glove. Cut holes for your fingers in the bottom. Just make a fashion statement! 😀

1. Wear it like example 4 without washing it. Hang it above your siblings head, in the event of you wanting them to do something.


Blogging Challenge #2

Blogging Challenge #2


Everyone knows that fast food isn’t the best thing to eat, yet some people eat every day. I will tell you why fast food is terrible for your health. I’ll also tell you secrets from behind the counter. What’s your opinion on fast food? According to my research, there are chemicals and mystery ingredients in many fast foods. Many fast food restaurants aren’t very sanitary, and the food is probably loaded with calories.

Some fast food joints are not very sanitary. Most workers don’t bother washing their hands as much as they should. There are signs posted around the restaurant to remind employees that there is a law. Some fast food workers follow the 10-second rule. This means that is they accidentally drop food on the ground, they will put it back up on the grill. One common sanitary problem is that mold grows in the ice chutes of the beverage machines. While you’re getting your beverage, bend down and look up into the ice chute. If you see mold or other stuff growing inside, chances are that the machines aren’t being cleaned on a regular basis. Always checking for cleanliness at fast food restaurants, is an intelligent idea.

There are chemicals and mystery ingredients in fast food. For example, there is dimethylpolysiloxane in McDonald’s chicken nuggets and in Wendy’s fresh-cut fries. It is practically like eating “Silly Putty”. Benzoyl Peroxide is also in fast foods. It was recently banned in China, and it’s also an active ingredient in acne creams. Most fast food joints wash all of their equipment, at the end of every business day. This means there is a possibility that you may ingest leftover chemical residue if you are one of the first customers of the day. This chemical residue is most commonly found on grills and drink machine nozzles.

Fast food is loaded with calories. You have a more likely chance of becoming obese, the more you consume fast food. When you order a Big Mac meal from McDonalds, it contains at least 1,310 calories. Do you really think fast food is worth becoming obese over?

On the other hand, some people agree that fast food is great for when you are in a rush. It is also convenient if you just don’t want to cook! Would you agree?

Therefore I believe that there are better choices for meals than fast food. But I have a couple more facts. Those grill marks on your burger are not real, they are factory made. Also the chili at Wendy’s is made from old burger meat that didn’t get used the day before. When you think about it, it is kind of gross. Please consider your options, and choose to eat healthy!


Blogging Challenge #1

Challenge 1

These are the questions to famous people I would like to  meet:

1. Ariana Grande– When you filmed the “Put your hearts up” video, was it difficult to work with all the extras?

2.  Megan Nicole– How did you discover your musical talents?

3. Lea Salonga– How did you get your voice to be so powerful?

4. Jose Calderon– How did it feel to grow up, being so tall?

5. Emma Watson– How was filming ” Harry Potter” for so many years challenging to you?

6. Chris Bosh– Is it easy to work with your Miami Heat teamates?

7. China Anne McClain– Is it easy to be so  young yet so successful for your musical talents?

8. Winnie The Pooh– What are Heffalumps personalitys like?

9.  Dr. Doofenshmirtz– Why do you put self-destruct buttons on all of your inators?

10. Nik Wallenda– While going over Niagra Falls on a tightrope, were you scared that even with a harness that you could’ve fallen  to the icy waters?

Why Do We Dream?

I posted a video on edmodo about “Why Do We Dream?”. One theory is preparing us for threats or challenges. Most of the time we feel anxiety in our dreams. Or very unhappy thoughts. Another theory is that many of our thoughts and memories are being organized in the back of our heads. They play in our head at random, that might not make sense. I saw this video and thought it would be a great class discussion. The video is by vsauce. If you check out his videos on youtube I guarantee at least one thing will fascinate you.


Favourite Quotes And Sayings

-I’m not perfect, never have been, never will be.

-There will be many people who will walk in and out of your life but only true friends leave footprints behind.

-Always remember you’re unique, just like EVERYONE else.

-Video games ruined my life. Good thing I have two extra lives.

-No matter how old I get, I’m still going to mentally sing the ABC’s to see which letter comes next.

-When nothing goes right, go left.

-I wonder how police on bikes arrest people. “Alright, get in the basket.”

Hope you enjoy 😀

A Special Guest Visitor

Today in class we had a surprise. The famous boxer Mary Spencer came with inspirational words. She answered our questions and told us information about how to follow your dreams. I either want to have a singing career or be in the WNBA. She told us to just be around the people who support your life decisions and try to stay standing no matter how many people try to push you down. I believe everyone found her visit very inspiring. I hope she has luck in future matches and has luck in the Olympics.